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Weight Watchers

Amidst rising pressure from free weight-loss apps, Weight Watchers struggled to provide a consistent brand experience and to clearly articulate their core benefit to consumers. As a result, membership declined.

Working closely (and quickly) with the client, Starfish developed a fresh and contemporary brand strategy and brand identity to support the rollout of WW’s all-new “Beyond the Scale” program, a program that included the brand’s first-ever content around customer experience. We mapped multiple customer segments to understand the WW Customer Journey and brought the new brand to life in a thoughtfully written and dynamically designed Beyond the Scale Vibe Guide. Together, this strategic, visual, and verbal foundation defined WW’s core consumer, provided messaging for key program benefits, optimized how the brand should interact with its members, and became the brief for all WW Beyond the Scale activation.

After launch, member acquisition increased 20%.