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Fighting Hate for Good

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The Issue

Most people, including 55% of their donors, didn't really know exactly what the Anti-Defamation League did. Entering a new era—new leadership, a new strategic plan, and an evolving audience—the brand needed to position itself for the future and an evolving target audience. Surrounded by other Jewish-led organizations that fought for Israel, for Jewish people, and against hate in general, the brand, while important, was being lost amidst the broader civil rights category.

The Inspiration

Recognize that, at the end of the day, ADL fights all forms of hate for good.

The Insight

ADL was, by all means, a 100+ year old civil rights organization with three powerful fundamental programs at its core: 1. Educate worldwide leaders in antibias education for students and law enforcement. 2. Investigate - Global experts in the investigation of extremism, exposing groups and their tactics and tools to law enforcement organizations. 3. Advocate - Genuine advocates for all vulnerable communities, working with leaders in the public and private sectors to change laws and policies.

The Idea

Fighting Hate for Good

ADL branding booklet cover ADL bus stop advertisement
Blue ADL ID card ADL coffee mug with the saying Fighting Hate For Good ADL t-shirt with the saying Fighting Hate For Good


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