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Me, Beyond the Scale

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The Issue

With mainstream household recognition and iconic status, WeightWatchers was known as “the diet company.” But shifting attitudes coupled with start-ups caused the mighty brand to lose market share. With the creation of a new holistic program, Beyond The Scale, WeightWatchers needed to reestablish its relevance and capture the world’s attention. Again. The challenge? Reorient (internally and externally) the new brand around a completely different mindset and deliver a more relevant and meaningful member experience.

The Inspiration

The only way to genuinely communicate confidence is to show real members how their lives have been impacted. Thus the development of a brand identity and MarCom program that featured real people was implemented.

The Insight

At its core, Beyond the Scale understood people’s desire to be healthier, to be more active, and to feel better overall about themselves. While this means different things to different people, the one thing everyone sought was to feel more confident.

The Idea

Me, Beyond the Scale.


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