Experience Design

What is Brand Experience?

We believe that The Brand Experience is the Brand, meaning that a brand is the aggregate of all the interactions a customer has with that brand. As a brand experience design agency, we help brands define their brand experience, and we audit, analyze, align, and implement all of its online and offline touchpoints in order to create more intuitive, meaningful, and productive consumer engagement.

The common denominator in any brand experience is feeling – how do you feel when you interact with a brand? Whatever the right answer for your brand, the feeling must be consistent across all touchpoints. Whether seeing an ad, visiting your website, communicating with customer service, or interacting with the product or service, all touchpoints and their components – from brand voice to imagery – should feel the same.

We built our company in 2002 around the concept of the brand experience, and today it’s the lens through which we look for all assignments. We have the brand strategy fundamentals and the brand experience design agency expertise to drive your brand to the next level.

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