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Water is the Spirit of Vodka

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The Issue

Ukraine’s #1 liquor company, Global Spirits, had immense success with its Morosha brand of vodka whose main point of difference is that it is made with nature’s purest ingredients and water from the Carpathian Mountains. Intent on leveraging its learning and success in the U.S., the company developed LEAF and wanted to position it as “Nature’s vodka.” However, the U.S. vodka market consists of hundreds of brands, not to mention the thousands that have failed along the way. The challenge? With an identity as thin as water and no celebrity endorsement, we were tasked with creating a brand from scratch.

The Inspiration

Lean into the idea that water is the spirit of life and therefore the spirit of vodka and that the makers of LEAF search the globe for the world’s purest water, enabling them to make the cleanest-tasting vodka.

The Insight

All vodka is 60% water, and the water used to create LEAF was sourced from two unique locations: Alaskan glaciers and Rocky Mountain streams, both of which resulted in very distinct flavor profiles.

The Idea

Water Is the Spirit of Vodka


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