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  • Brand Strategy
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  • Internal Branding

Media at the soul of the individual

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The Issue

Omnicom, a highly recognized and well-established global communications holding company, was launching a new digital media agency within its extensive portfolio of companies. After looking internally for a solution, we were asked to “crack the code.” The assignment would cover brand name, strategy, design, and identity and include brand culture, external communications, a website, and film.

The Inspiration

More than “art and science,” there was “heart and soul” at the new brand's core. Driven by data, personalization would allow for unprecedented brand-building opportunities and experiences that, in theory, would be far more insightful and meaningful. No longer would the category be about “pushing” information out; the data would let brands “pull” people in, creating a reciprocal relationship.

The Insight

Digitally oriented, Omnicom’s new company would simultaneously use data to create and nurture deep relationships between brands and individuals. Done at scale, this would open the door to mass personalization.

The Idea

Name the new company “Heart’s And Science” and build the brand’s identity and voice around what was the center of the company; a new dimension to the relationships between brands and people.


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