Visual Identity and Design

Visual Identity and Design

Congratulations. You have a brand name.

But now you need to bring it to life in graphic terms. What’s the right typeface? Should you include a logo mark? Uppercase or lowercase? Bold or subtle colors?

How to Design a Brand Identity

At Starfish, a brand identity agency, we believe that brand strategy brings everything to life, including brand design. While in many agencies creatives work in silos, ours are part of the process as the design needs to reflect the brand essence as well. As you read this and think about your own brand’s identity, we encourage you to think about FedEx, IBM, Mastercard, Priceline, Ford, Pfizer, Ben & Jerry’s to name a few. Why? Their design work is masterful, memorable, and unique; that same theory applies here. Working through a brand’s design, we will conduct a purpose-designed work session to review brand identities in your category and outside of it. Do you like the way Nike goes to market or Adidas? Mercedes-Benz or Audi? Apple or Microsoft? This discussion will provide meaningful insight that will help to assess your sensibilities, ensuring that we deliver a brand design that not only is on strategy but that feels right for you.

With more than 10 designers on staff, our methodology and process are as deep as our bench of talent. Our work begins with a thorough project management plan that kicks off with a formal creative brief where everything we know about the brand and where it needs to go is clear and concise. From there, our design team will begin their work. As a brand identity design agency, we start with the logo design and flesh out the full brand identity – including graphic elements, font, color palette, imagery, style, and more – and capture it in a style guide that defines the rules for how to use it all in your brand activation.

Before any work is shared with a client, several rounds of design work will have been vetted internally. Typically, we take our clients through three rounds of design, with our first exploration numbering six to eight ideas. From there, through feedback and collaboration, we continue and move on to round two and, ultimately, the final round and final sign-off. Starfish brand design is extensive, on brief, highly curated, and often award-winning.

Our brand identity design includes:

Logo development

Visual Identity

Overall design concepts and aesthetics

Color palette

Typography and iconography


Graphic template

Style guide/brand book

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