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What is a Brand Story?

Rooted in the brand strategy, the brand story is a longer-form, thoughtfully crafted piece of copy that is designed to capture the essence, spirit, and voice of the brand. At Starfish, it’s written with the intent to move the room: and by that, we mean to elicit the response, “You get who we are.” This piece of copy can sometimes be called a manifesto or narrative. It can come to life in many forms, long and written in a staccato style or shot, spirited, and to the point. In either, what’s being presented is the ability to turn strategy into craftwork.

With this understanding, you should know, the brand story will define your brand for all audiences — eternally and externally. It will definitively and authentically communicate a feeling about the brand that should elicit an emotional response from all audiences. Do you want them to feel inspired? Do you want them to take action? Do you want them to feel joy? The brand story is in many ways the cornerstone and most accurate depiction of a brand.

Just as a brand is never static, the same is true for a brand story as it lives and breathes within your culture, internal and external actions, activations, and campaigns. As an agency that is deeply committed to the craft of storytelling, we unearth what’s strategically at a brand’s core and then use that to build the core idea and story.

Contact Starfish if you are looking to reveal, reestablish, recreate or create a genuine, effective, and compelling brand story for your product, service, organization, or company. From start-up to stalwart, we are the perfect brand story agency partner for you.

Storytelling Agency in NYC

Every brand has a story. It’s the never-ending tale of a brand – it ebbs and flows. But there are moments in a brand’s life cycle when an all-new story can be told, when perceptions can be shaped for the benefit of the brand. At these moments, we must craft a new brand story.

As every brand has core behaviors, beliefs, and characteristics, we take what’s true about a brand and then put it to work to define how its personality will come to life consistently in all brand communications and messaging.

Part of brand strategy is brand voice, which we break down into brand tone and brand personality.

Brand voice is the manifestation of your personality and tone; it includes the words and language you use to speak to your audience, but more importantly, it also embodies your brand’s unique DNA, perspective, and values you stand for.

At Starfish, a brand story agency, we have the expertise, experiences, and production partners to bring a brand story to life in films, web, print, digital, and all facets of design.

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