Project details



NYC agreed to temporarily close the eastern half of 33rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues to automobile traffic in order to create a pedestrian plaza. However, with existing consumer perceptions of the area as overly congested and with the task of building the pedestrian plaza, we needed to implore the general public to bear with us through the construction since we were going to add to the problem before making it better.

Starfish built a brand for the plaza with a new name – Plaza33 – a new brand identity, a unique website, and an OOH campaign on the construction site that inspired the public to think about the future state when the plaza would be completed.

On-site consumer surveys showed an overwhelmingly positive response to the pre-construction concept, and the temporary plaza. This support in great part led NYC to approve Plaza33 as a permanent public space.

The Pennsy

With its proximity to Penn Station and the new Plaza33, we were on a fast track to open a new restaurant hall – The Pennsy – in Two Penn Plaza on the corner of 7th Avenue and 33rd Street. After a frustrating few rounds with another group, Vornado turned to Starfish for a brand logo. Within a week we helped to shape a new brand that delivered on the heritage of Penn Station itself.

Post launch, we developed a tactical advertising campaign that not only created awareness but very specifically pointed the way toward this all-new food option in the area. The campaign was most prominent in high-profile OOH placement but also was threaded through digital media and in-lobby and elevator applications.