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Precipitated by changes in the political environment and a highly sensitive climate, ADL (formerly the Anti-Defamation League) was embarking on a new era: new leadership, a new strategic plan, and an evolving audience. They also recognized that their 100+ year old brand needed to be rethought and redesigned.

ADL came to Starfish with one defining need: to become a 21st century civil rights organization. Initial research showed that many people did NOT know the broad scope of what ADL did; even among their core audience of Jewish donors, only 55% knew that ADL fights anti-Semitism. Even fewer knew that ADL fights all forms of hatred and bigotry, or that it uses a number of innovative programs to do so. Awareness was further hindered by inconsistencies in how ADL’s 25 regional offices and numerous programs went to market.

They tapped Starfish to help them articulate a clear, unifying idea for their entire brand, revamp their visual system, and communicate the transformations both internally and externally, ultimately redefining their legacy for the next generation.


Contrary to many internal perspectives, ADL is not actually a civil rights organization, but rather an anti-hate organization. ADL combats hate wherever it appears, whether that’s in courts, in schools, on the streets, or online.

Galvanized by the tagline "Fighting Hate For Good.", we undertook an exploratory to develop an identity that communicated anti-hate in a way that holds out hope and optimism for the future. We landed on the "bridge of hope" device as an activation element that could illustrate both what ADL fights against and what it fights for.

“The ‘bridge of hope’ in its upward-facing angle directly communicates our anti-hate positioning as well as the positivity and hope from the result of our work. It also communicates our tireless efforts in always moving forward.”

– ADL Style Guide