Project details


Sharp Electronics was struggling. In the overly commoditized LED TV market, new competitors aggressively attacked the company’s leading share in the large-screen segment, and consumers increasingly perceived the brand as less premium than the competition, despite truly innovative technologies.

To reverse this trend, Starfish pivoted the brand’s positioning from a focus on hardware and features to a specialization in large screens and picture quality. We developed a new brand strategy that avoided overused industry jargon and instead focused on large-screen picture “purity.”

Working from the inside out, we created retail marketing guidelines that would ensure in-store associates understood how to position each model in Sharp’s lineup, and we expanded to large-scale advertising, innovative retail experiences, and a new website.

Sharp’s year-over-year results showed the marketing impact with LED panel sales increasing 2X and its distribution increasing 110%. Sharp continues to maintain large-screen leadership with both trade and consumer segments.