Project details

Leaf Vodka

Leaf Vodka was the fastest-growing vodka brand in Ukraine and Russia. Breaking into the exceptionally crowded U.S. vodka market meant a value proposition that was differentiating enough to compel a distributor to carry the brand, and a bottle and communication platform that would sway consumers.

To solve this, Starfish started at the source, literally. Vodka is 60% water, so the quality of its water source has a major impact on taste and finish. We built the brand around this concept, emphasizing Leaf Vodka’s two unique and carefully selected water sources to build a differentiated brand positioning.

This ultimately manifested as the “Water is the Spirit of Vodka” campaign. From a launch event to merchandising, retail experiences, OOH advertising, a new website, and more, we aligned every customer and distributor touchpoint to this singular brand idea as we launched the brand in the U.S. market.