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Hu Friedy

Founded in 1908, Hu-Friedy is a leading global manufacturer of dental instruments and products. However, due to a fragmented brand architecture and an outdated brand identity, the company was misperceived in the marketplace as old and “square” despite its innovative offerings in new categories.

Starfish developed a brand strategy that embraced its heritage and premium product offering but also understood the target dentists’ mind-set that they are craftspeople. We built Hu-Friedy’s positioning around “advancing dental performance” and communicated outwardly that Hu-Friedy represents “How the Best Perform.”

Guided by a top-to-bottom marketing plan, we re-established Hu-Friedy as an innovative leader by launching its new brand strategy, simplified brand architecture, and innovative visual identity to its core audiences and to the marketplace at large.

Still working with this brand positioning today, Hu-Friedy continues to grow its business even while the category remains somewhat flat.