The New Age of At-Home Oral Care

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Starfish was tasked by Premier Dental Company with launching izzo, the first and only 4-in-1 at-home Oral Care System. Positioned as a complete dental system, izzo leveraged its professional roots and expertise to make the tools found at the dentist’s office—a Brush, Polishing System, Scaler, and UVC Sanitizing Case—available and safe for at-home use.

The electric toothbrush category is incredibly crowded and competitive, including players such as Quip, Burst, and Hum, not to mention Oral-B and Philips Sonicare who own the space having legacy and extremely high brand awareness in the market. There were over 40 competitors for izzo, making it a challenge to stand out and break into the space.

We wanted to disrupt the electric toothbrush category by focusing not only on the product but on the functional and emotional benefits associated with a healthier, brighter smile. Using “healthy confidence” as a platform, we entered the dental space by focusing on a few unique, differentiating product factors—mainly the Polishing System to safely and easily remove stains on your teeth. The polishing feature gave us an edge to lean on that no other competitors provided.

Using learnings from year 1, we wanted to come into the space with an elevated, technology forward advertising platform that highlighted not only the high-tech nature of the kit, but one that resonated with consumers in terms of the value they received through their purchase.

The video advertisements featured below were created with those year-1 learnings in mind. Using the platform idea “It’s Technology For Your Mouth” we created the first two two videos below by highlighting the tech forward, highly efficient cleaning and whitening capabilities of the 4-in-1 System.

The final video in this ad series was created using the platform idea of "izzo Does The Most For Your Smile" focusing on the idea of value; highlighting each component of the system and how it contributes to your overall smile.


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