Project details

MailOnline is the largest English-language newspaper in the world, but to the American media and marketing community, it was a well-kept secret.

In order to singularly define this “unknown” publisher, we sussed out the components of their product that create a unique user experience. Importantly, we learned that while they were often misperceived as a “fluffy” tabloid, in reality, they delivered more serious news coverage than any other type of stories. So we positioned them as a “next-generation popular news stream” – a never-ending, always-current, hard-to-resist outlet – where the overall product is “Seriously Popular.”

Leveraging humor and pop culture icons to break through, we reintroduced the brand and its new positioning to the world through a creative digital and OOH ad campaign that “surrounded” the media firms.

The client reported that visits to media agencies were improved with greater awareness of the brand, the media, and their unique positioning.