CMO Roundtable


June 12, 2018 9:00AM

Starfish hosted a CMO roundtable centered around the theme of “Stewarding Your Brand Through the Era of Experience.” At the event, over a dozen CMOs and senior-level marketers discussed a variety of topics summarized below.

The CMO, CXO, and CTO Partnership

Customer experience has become a tremendous focus for most organizations, but for different companies CX is owned by different roles. For some companies, it is the CXO (a glamorous title for the head of customer service), for others it is the CTO, and for others it is the CMO. The reality is that it needs to be owned by all (including the CEO and COO).

A good customer experience is not only table stakes but expected by today’s consumer.

The Amazons, Ubers, and Nests of the world have raised the bar for all and across all categories.

The biggest mistake most companies make is to only focus on improving the CX rather than defining the experience that their customer should have with their brand — the BX.

The end-to-end CX needs to be a seamless partnership between the CMO, CXO, and CTO with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each person/department.

Delivering Millions of Personalized Experiences

While nirvana is being able to deliver millions of highly unique experiences simultaneously to your customers, the reality is that’s a heavy lift and arguably the challenge many companies struggle with everyday.

Scale and personalization – How does your organization prioritize and approach?

The true end-to-end customer experience needs to include the offline interactions.

Are personas helpful in creating defined CXs?

What does “personalized” really mean?

It’s Not All About You…It’s About The Customer

Every company wants the low-hanging fruit, but without a full perspective of the competitive landscape, its likely that you’re communicating the same message in the same place to the same target as your competitors. To break through, reconsider your customer journey in the context of your customer’s needs and wants, and optimize each touchpoint against your competitors.

What are your tables takes touchpoints, and how can you differentiate them?

Do you have any unnecessary touchpoints that should be cut? Especially in B2B, brands tend to accumulate “legacy touchpoints” over time, such as a conference or trade show that you’ve participated in for decades.

Instead, find the whitespace, assess the opportunity, and build touchpoints that truly engage the customer.

Why and Where is Your CX Going Astray?

No one wants to have a relationship with an erratic person, never mind an erratic brand. Whether they are in line at a retail store or interacting with an automated customer service system, the customer demands a consistent brand experience.

Erratic branding manifests when a brand fail to provide consistent experience across all consumer touchpoints.

The root cause of erratic branding is a larger issue: “The Silo Effect.” This occurs when internal silos lead to a lack of intradepartmental communication and alignment.

Championing the brand experience requires us to drive the messaging throughout the entire organization by breaking the silos and working with intradepartmental teams to operationalize the brand idea. How can we achieve this?

The Red Shiny Ball Syndrome — How Do You Avoid It?

We’ve all been there. Your CEO comes into your office on Monday morning and says she was at a cocktail party where she met a friend who’s implementing some obscure new technology-based application that is the panacea of marketing, and she wants you to allocate 20% of your budget to this new service. This is not unusual, so the question is how do you handle? Let’s share some war stories.